H.E.R. - My Song - lyrics

H.E.R. - My Song - Lyrics

Uhhh, yeah
Mmm, mm, mm

[Verse 1]
I wanna run away with you
Just take me to places I've never known
When no one else seems to be getting through
Only you can tell what's going on

When I hear your name
Put a smile up on my face
It don't matter the time or the place
You make it all better now
I could love you forever now
When I hear the sound
When I'm feeling down
Ain't nobody else gotta be around
For you to make it better now
Let me get myself together now

Let me sing my song
Don't wanna be alone
I know that when I listen
I find what I've been missing
Right here in my heart
Let me sing my song
I know this is my home
All that I've been wishing
I found what I've been missing
You were right here from the start
So let me sing my song

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