Beach Bunny - Call Me Baby - Lyrics

Beach Bunny - Call Me Baby - Lyrics, Song Lyrics

call me when you need someone to talk to
Only phone me when your baby doesn't call you
Never answer, less your feelin lonely.
Phone only rings when shes driving you crazy
Only call me when you're in distress
Your heart in two and your life's a mess
I would call you every hour every day
If you give me your heart
if you call me baby

Said you'll call me everyday, we both know… You won't
You said you'd keep me from all harm, though you hurt me most
I know, I know I shouldn't stay, but the way you say,
Way you say my name
I think you've changed,
When you're exactly the same, exactly the same
Two steps forward
One step back

You only call me when your feeling blue,
And I've been the same way since I fell for you
Never call less you need somebody.
And I'll need you more than you'll ever need me
Wish you'd hold me stead of putting me on hold
When we talk on the telephone
And I would call every hour, everyday
If you'd give me your heart
If you'd call me baby

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